iintegra and the recruitment industry : Case Study

Qlik and Datoniq are transforming the way organisations streamline and manage their recruitment processes. By helping iintegra and their customers to gain valuable insight into their data, Qlik and Datoniq have enabled data-driven decision making within recruitment.

iintegra reporting screen


About iintegra

Launched in September 2015, iintegra is a revolutionary Talent Acquisition Platform at the heart of which is an enterprise level Applicant Tracking System designed for both small and large organisations. iintegra enables users to design and optimise their recruitment processes using the ‘iWorkflow’ tool which is fully configurable to meet the needs of each business. This allows automation of communications and many aspects of the recruitment process.

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The business challenge

With constant pressure on both in-house recruiters and agencies to deliver and retain the right people in the right jobs, data has become key. Having selected Qlik’s Visual Analytics Platform to provide its customers with the best-of-breed in business intelligence, iintegra began to realise their internal development team was lacking the capacity to manage the implementation within the timescales required. iintegra therefore sought a partner who could assist.

As a Qlik partner, it  was clear that Datoniq had the skills and experience to assist us with what we were trying to achieve.
Mark Hobbs, Director at iintegra


Understanding is essential!

The Datoniq team worked closely on a daily basis with iintegra’s developers and management team to understand the complexity of their platform. Datoniq were also able to support iintegra when liaising with their customers’ in-house analytics teams and business stakeholders, translating business processes and terminology into technical requirements.

Within 5 weeks they had a good understanding of our data and were delivering the first dashboards and reports. Whilst outsourcing such projects can often be seen as costly, the expertise that Datoniq provided meant we achieved a return on our investment much sooner than we could have done without them. Even if we had the capacity, upskilling our internal team alone would have  taken us much longer.
Mark Hobbs, Director at iintegra


The future

iintegra are now committed to fully integrate Qlik’s technology within their Applicant Tracking System, providing users with unrivalled insights into their recruitment process. Datoniq will assist in achieving seamless integration of visual analytics with the iintegra platform powered by Qlik technologies.