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Over 10 years of experience in delivering QlikView® Consultancy

Our highly skilled and trained team is made up of some of the most experienced QlikView consultants in the UK

Between them they have delivered solutions to a broad range of clients, from small companies to multinational corporations. Datoniq offers your business QlikView consultancy with an unbeaten level of ability and competency. With special expertise in working with Big Data within QlikView, our consultants constantly push the boundaries of what this leading BI tool can do.

QlikView Consultancy Wor Cloud

Business Analysis

QlikView Development

Project Management

Solution Health Checks

Dashboard Design

Installation & Configuration

Clustered Servers & Redundant Environments

Big Data Projects

Take the Datoniq Seeing Is Believing challenge

Our Seeing Is Believeing (SIB) challenge is simple. Give us nothing more than a sample of your data and 1 day of your time. We’ll do the rest. Let us show you for free what our experts can achieve in such a short space of time. Then imagine what business insights you could gain with QlikView and a little help from Datoniq.

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A unique methodology and approach to delivering QlikView solutions

All of our QlikView Consultants are trained to deliver consistent and reliable solutions by applying best practice and our unique framework and methodology

This framework allows us to create scalable and maintainable solutions. It adds value by saving both time and cost for future QlikView development. Your business doesn’t stand still so neither should your business intelligence. The requirements for your BI solution will inevitably change over time. Having a solution that is built with this in mind results in these changes being quicker, simpler and cheaper to make.

Don’t settle for anything less than the very best QlikView Consulting

Not only do we believe we offer your business the best technical ability, we also strongly believe we offer the best value for money

Every project we undertake is overseen by a senior technical consultant and project manager. They ensure we deliver a quality solution, on time and within budget. With QlikView consultancy from Datoniq, you can:

  • accelerate your time to value
  • mitigate your project risk
  • achieve better success and return on investment
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